Call of Duty Mobile review: Best battle Royal game?

call of duty mobilecall of duty mobile (cod mobile) review. Cod mobile is first-person shooter online video game. call of duty mobile release date

Call of Duty mobile review

call of duty mobile

Call of duty mobile- Hi guys today I want to give you my final review of Call of Duty mobile now that it has a proper US release it's not quite a good bad ugly or as full of review as I've done before because I've covered this game several times before in Veda but it will share similar elements which is why I called it the love-hate relationship gameplay is all Cod mobile of course I'm running it on an older Samsung device with the graphics set to medium more on that later and the short version of this review is that I have a real love-hate relationship with Call of Duty mobile there are some aspects of this game that I find very fun that I love or even a door in some ways and I think are fantastic and then there's some others that are lackluster and mostly some elements that I find incredibly frustrating at a personal level so we usually start off these reviews with all the good stuff but today I actually want to start off with the criticisms I want to start off with the hate and these are some of the things that I hate about Cod mobile number one is the sheer volume of microtransaction items and ingame advertisements like I totally get that the game is free-to-play and that it's gonna have a lot of micro transactions but I get that way I think we all understand that that if a game is free-to-play it's gonna be selling a lot of stuff and when I was playing the beta I was totally on board with what they were selling and how it was going and even the insane amount of customizations right however in the final game I find myself completely overwhelmed with how much stuff there is not necessarily because there are too many choices but poor choice organization it's theirs what there's several different shops challenges events limited time modes ranked mode casual mode free currency cod points only battle pass free rewards for watching advertisements which was something that I don't normally do when I play mobile games that'll play a lot of mobile games and the advertisement in particular that you're seeing right now actually froze when I was watching it so I had to reboot my game just to get my one a little free crate and they're just way too many things to keep track of and I feel completely overwhelmed because I kid you not like there are like 20 different events going on at the same time and if you really need to pick and choose which ones you're gonna complete other if you're not gonna play all day I also feel overwhelmed when I log into the game and I get hit by three to four advertisements encouraging me to buy stuff Cod points cashback a sale on some item a battle path sale some new custom thing I don't know but it just hits you every single time with different advertisements sometimes when you finish a match and you back out to customize your class you're gonna get hit by an in-game advertisement for cod points as well or every time you level up your battle paths you get an advertisement for that and for me this is just too much this is too spammy too annoying too overwhelming and of all things I've rapidly begun to actually hate ghost Reilly the main character from our one of the main characters to modern warfare 2 & 3 you know because of this ghost Reilly is the guy that talks to you and he kind of walks you through and tells you things and every single time he pops up he's trying to get me to spend money and just really started making me dislike that character maybe I'm just being an old man maybe I'm unfamiliar with mobile games and out of my depth and experience.

Call of Duty Mobile

But personally I found it annoying I found it to be a little bit overwhelming and frustrating number two things that I don't like or hate about Call of Duty mobile is that multiplayer match quality is garbage by almost every metric if you think the skill based matchmaking is giving you out of region matches right now in Maine Call of Duty you should see what's going on in Cod mobile because there doesn't seem to be any region matching at all and no region lock at all you're gonna play with a ton of people from China Japan Korea South America a lot of Russians a lot of people from the EU got a lot of people from India for whatever reason playing and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it other than that there's no region matching in the game there's a lot of players that are playing on 4G or in foreign countries or 3G and the lag can get quite absurd and for me the lag is the biggest issue that I want to talk about in connection quality I've been told by other people that if you're playing a mobile game you just need to accept that there's going to be lag and just deal with it but it's still frustrating for me I don't like playing a laggy game I'm just told that that's normal for mobile I'm gonna have to deal with it but it's not very fun when some people teleport or when your killcams look really really weird a lot of matches are populated by actual BOTS that behave oddly because if it doesn't get a fill and it's especially true in your first couple of games you play BOTS to get used to it and they just do kind of weird things they're normally pretty easy but every now and then they're just like snap Auto and kill you instantly there's a lot of matches that have people playing on PC couple of different ways to emulate the game on PC and play mouse and keyboard here I've been told there's a few ways to add a controller controller support is coming for iOS devices at some point in the future but we don't know about right now and a fair number of matches I've run into seem to have real people that were also using Auto AM somehow or maybe the killcams were glitch but overall you just need to expect to deal with a lot of BS when you play regular multiplayer the connections are going to be weird people are gonna be out of region it's gonna be odd it's gonna be all over the place I tried to get around it by thinking this is the most casual Cod game that I can play but I still kind of get frustrated with it the third thing is another frustrating thing and I think that the control scheme is rough in this game unless you have some sort of modification to play with I originally played and recorded my beta videos with the red magic 3 phone that had the little bumpers on the side so I can aim down sights and shoot respectively and that made my life a lot easier unfortunately that phone can't capture HDMI output so in order to get good quality videos I had to go to an older Samsung device that I have and I also had to sacrifice those bumpers so now I'm back to using regular controls that like 99% of everybody else is gonna be using and I feel awkward when I play I feel like I'm not very in control of my character I feel like I'm struggling like I'm fat fingering buttons like I can't shoot a name at the same time that have to line up my shot and then shoot or maybe move the shooting to the left thumb which is kind of odd for me it could just be a learning curve it's likely probably just the best that we are going to get for mobile mobile games especially shooters and complex ones like Club G and fortnight have difficult controls and I think that this is something where I'm just gonna have to get good and practice more and get better over time.

cod mobile

But I do admit that I don't like dying due to bad controls I prefer to die due to bad skills not some awkward control issue in the game but I'm gonna give them more time and I'm gonna try to get better there's one major issue for me that I absolutely hate and that's that there's no inverted y-axis for aiming I'm an inverted player I've been playing inverted on consoles for 25 years now and I did a whole video on that which I will link below to explain why some people play inverted and about 5% of the population that plays shooting games play inverted so about 1 in 20 people the in-game controls in Call of Duty mobile try to emulate a controller you've got roughly your two sticks you've got the buttons for the bumpers and stuff like that it tries to emulate a controller as close as possible and it's got a lot of options it's got different hipfire and 80s sensitivities and scaling and customization and gyroscopes and just a ton of great options for the game overall quite a little quite a lot for a mobile game but the one thing that it doesn't have is an inverted aiming axis so I when I play this game I'm essentially relearning to aim from from just from scratch I'm having to go against my best instincts and it's brutal the best example I could give you is the next time you get on your console go ahead and boot it up and just swap it to inverted and try to play like that and you'll kind of see how I'm struggling and I think I'm just personally a little bit salty about it because after posting videos on the beta some people from $0.10 and Timmy the company that developed the developer of the game reached out to me for some requests of information and feedback and I sent it to multiple employees requesting the invert look feature because it affects 5% of the population and basically nothing changed since the beta I don't think they care I would say 5% so big enough to care about but they don't really seem to so that's not fun and overall my fifth thing that I don't like gameplay wise regular multiplayer just doesn't do it for me guys like the games are shorter TDM I think is 250 Dominus to 100 all the maps are pretty small ones and they're all stuff that I've played before which is only fun for a little bit I get a little tired of it I don't like the controls I find that they're awkward I find that I can't properly engage in most of my fights the way I want to and the people lag all around and honestly No multi-player for me is pretty boring and I don't really enjoy playing at all however I really enjoy the battle royale mode the BR mode in this game I think it's fantastic I have a lot of fun with it and I think it's the best thing to transition into the stuff that I love about the game so yeah the VR is great it's fresh it's fun it's less punishing on the controls for a couple of different reasons and this is sort of like the fantasy Cod Battle Royale mashup that we all wanted back in seventh grade it has a lot of classic rote locations from cod4 to modern warfare 3 black ops 1 2 and some some of the weapons from 3 if I'm not mistaken and just a ton of stuff from a ton of different studios all hodgepodge into one big battle realm the map is actually really big the map is just as big as the blackout map and it's on mobile similar designed to water vehicles and it added a lot of stuff that black out originally didn't have ice where black out must have copied cod mobile because even back in the beta they had respawn beacons instead of zombies you clear out there's literally giant zombie dog hellhounds you have to fight they call the boss fight zip lines like fortnight there's vehicles there's wonder weapons there's specialist weapons all of you there's like 9 or 10 different classes and each one has different abilities that you can use which gives you sort of a class-based VR like apex legends personally I enjoy playing the ninja class because he has quieter footsteps when he's crouched and he can reposition rapidly with the grapple hook it gets me in and out of trouble a lot I think that audio is really on point for the battle royale as well I can hear footsteps loud and clear just playing on my mobile device and if I plug in headsets and play it's like almost cheating because I have nice 360 surround sound with my Astro so you know but that's really well designed I can I can listen to the gunshots and footsteps and get a really good idea of where people are on mobile which I can't say is true of many mobile games and I feel like the game allows me to fight based on good decisions instead of just reaction time so the controls are a little bit rough on mobile they're always going to be awkward and the controls are still somewhat awkward in Battle Royale but in Battle Royale I can be smart I can position myself better I can choose my guns more carefully and is grinding to level them up people can't respawn behind me I can hear where they are and in Battle Royale it's a lot of setup and a lot of thinking and just a little bit of fighting and ideally I like to fight when I already have the advantage so it feels more like a game of wits and less like a game of reaction time which suits me just fine especially the mobile and it kind of plays like a more casual PUBG or maybe like Cod's version of fortnight.

But overall I have a lot of fun in this mode this mode allows me to overlook a lot of the more basic flaws in the game and I'm gonna try to play it the most moving forward I probably I'm gonna have to upgrade my devices to get better draft graphics and draw distance though because I'm sure that you all you all aren't exactly loving the medium there number two is that cod mobile is a hundred percent free to play call of duty and on your phone it costs nothing it basically gives you the feel of call of duty it has plenty of content and you can grind for stuff too if you don't really want to pay for it there are grinding options and yeah I complained a lot about microtransactions earlier and they are prevalent but they're all optional nobody's making you buy them some of the guns do have stat changing effects however there are guns with stat changing effects that you can get with a free currency I'll be it's slower obviously spending money is gonna speed everything up and there isn't really anything about the game yet that feels unfair or broking broken or price prohibitive or anti-consumer and most of the prices for individual things are lower than they are for regular Call of Duty I thought they would just hammer us with mobile and there's a lot of choices but each individual thing tends to be pretty cheap there's just you know a lot of it and overall there's very little that I can complain about when it comes to the distribution and pricing model it's this is what we would get if we got free to play cod on PC or console and it works pretty well overall number three is that I think graphics and performance and stability are all quite good for a mobile game as a mobile game this is never gonna look like a PC game guys that's just never gonna happen but it looks a fair bit better than most mobile games and I know that if I plan a different phone and turn it up to very high then it'll look really good the frame rate is stable for me even Battle Royale is more stable than it used to be it has a few it has it has a few moments especially if you're flying around in a helicopter and this could be a barely functional mess like old pub G when it launched her xbox pub G it could be poor framerate poured Drop Distance mad glitches broken busted but the game launched in a good state and considering how much stuff there is in this game and how well it plays compared to other mobile games even if I have my issues with it I think it launched in a fantastic state and I think that very few of you are gonna have issues when it comes to performance and stability and there's one one minor love that I want to add at the end it doesn't really objectively stack up against the others but I do find it fun and I feel that it it really um it really kind of ties the whole thing together which is I love that they're mixing modern warfare and black ops franchise stuff the Chinese developers just got access to the IPS and they made their own stuff and there's some stuff in the game that's very clearly Chinese inspired there's like some Engrish and there's some there they don't know what caliber is going what guns cuz they don't shoot guns there or even what the original names of some of the guns are they're renamed and done stuff with but they also came in with no preconceived notions about what had to be what and they made like the best sort of fan sequel to modern warfare and black ops that you could get you've got all your guns from modern warfare all your guns from black ops the maps from all the games the characters from all the games the Battle Royale is all the games together and it feels like cod online everybody in America wanted to play China's Cod online and that's basically what this is you get all of the call of duty's up to about black ops 2 all smooshed into one really good package and for me that that little bit of nostalgia and mixing together does do it does great things and I really enjoy it so I want to hear what you guys have to think about Call of Duty mobile have you been playing it will you play it what do you think about the gameplay the content etc.

Call of Duty Mobile review: Best battle Royal game? Call of Duty Mobile review: Best battle Royal game? Reviewed by Karri Prasad Kumar on 8:49 PM Rating: 5


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