Redmi Note 8 Review : best under 10K?

Redmi Note 8 - Redmi note 8 full review. Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro price is 9999/-.

Redmi Note 8 Review

Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 8 - The highest trending phone on Google and the latest addition to the popular redmi note lineup what got everyone's so excited about this phone and should this be in your shopping list this Diwali.Let me answer that question up front people are excited about this phone one for its set of cameras and two for the price mostly let's dig deeper in the box you get the phone a case an 18 watt charging brick a USB eight USBC cable the design itself is the gradient finish that we're quite used to it's nice but I wish we could see a few more innovative designs like we used to on the LG g4 and honestly even the iPhones new frosted glass there's no screen guard which I think I prefer their pain to get off when you're trying to test the display and this has Gorilla Glass 5 so I'm pretty sure Lola the first thing I noticed when I got the phone was the camera module ok second thing the first thing was a jarring color of cost anyway the camera juts out quite a bit compared to most phones setting up huge expectations for it after a tedious at a process where Xiaomi tries its darkness to get you to install every app that slides a bit of currency their way yeah finally in the phone feels a little thicker than usual probably because it doesn't have the sloping sides Xiaomi had for the K 20 series it has a headphone jack bottom firing speakers do top notch and the volume rocker and power button both on the right there's also the sense I wish I'm not sure about again let me know in the comments below how are see how many of you comment about the IR blaster again it's really fun I really like these capacitive fingerprint scanners I think we made a mistake trying to put them inside the display to be honest I much prefer the solo tech you have a really quick unlock process with it and if you like you can register your face too but with all these warnings I'd rather not if you do enable it though is pretty fast the camera is what most companies lead with when it comes to their marketing so let's do that for this video to xiaomi has given us four cameras this time five counting to selfie cam a 48 megapixel primary camera and since this is what you're going to be shooting on most of the time let's go to the next level I have three criterias when it comes to judging a camera number one dynamic range can it capture the Blues of the sky and a person in the shade at the same time check number two there's a do good stabilization for video check number three does it do good slow motion check so that's it.

Redmi Note 8

Let's move on to the other cameras there's the depth sensor which you use for portrait mode not bad there's a macro which lets you take some interesting shots it's a nice use case but it's a new feature on smartphones let's test it up therapy shall we let's see 10 macro photography ideas will do it this way shoot both on the 2 megapixel macro and the 48 megapixel primary camera and edit the latter only within the phone to see which he is a better result so good shall we just have added a macro mode in the primary lens and just an AI thingy to detect when you're shooting macro why Angelo the 2 megapixel macro at all glad you asked one thing is that you get to see exactly what you're shooting in the preview the other most important thing is perspective you may have seen these videos where the focal length of a lens changes the shape of an object well it's not really the focal length it's the perspective we just determined by a distance to the object and since your eyes can't focus at a distance of 2 centimeter with a macro lens you get to see the world in a way you could never with your human eyes hope that explains it what do we have left oh yes the ultra wide use this to capture landscapes sunsets and large groups also roads for some reason roads look great and ultra wide you can shoot videos on this too and even though it's not stabilized you get pretty decent videos not 4k though this is an IPS panel which is normal at this price range the only exceptions I can think of with AMOLED panels are me a3 and Samsung m30 s1 is 720p and the other exploded recently so I'm not recommending them for now the panel itself is quite right not easy to use outside perhaps but come on how much time do you spend in direct sunlight anyway I hope you're using umbrellas if you do ashtag bring umbrellas back here in side-by-side comparison with other phones in the same range and you've got to say it holds its own just subjectively I found that colors are a little washed out and blacks really milky while watching dark scenes in Netflix but the text and icons are sharp and I often find myself preferring the more muted realistic colors of LCD comparing some of the really saturated AMOLED displays going around the tierod notch is something you must all be used to by now.

So I doubt it'll interfere with your viewing experience this also has white 1 l1 support so you shouldn't have any trouble streaming your favorite shows and high-quality chamois give you their phones at incredible prices and nothing in the world is free so to offset that we get all this bloatware a lock screen magazine and a virus scanner is probably not needed since android scans all downloads on its own but hey it's free real estate but let's move past that right now and look at what else we have there's no app drawer here I'll swipe up anywhere on the screen takes you to a search page and swiping down takes you to the quick settings and the notification panel the usual shortcuts are there 3 finger swipe down for screen shots this jello effect still persists I'm really hoping they take it out on me UI 11 which is coming soon I usually like my icons to look slightly smaller not too small this favourites class here and you can do that from deep inside the Menu button display you also have the option to change the size of the text I think this would be much better as a unified menu like in color OS 6 ideally layout would be in this menu too the reasons panel is really useful here because you can see your last four apps as opposed to just one at the same time the way the dismiss all buttons is placed means you can easily close all your apps by mistake while trying to press the home button so it would be that was addressed I mean closing all the apps is not as catastrophic on phones as it is on desktops but still seems like an easy thing to fix coming back to the bloatware you can get rid of most of it pretty easily but not by long pressing the icon you need to long press on the screen select whatever apps you want and click uninstall some of the apps can't be uninstalled though you can use the space to create folders to you keep getting ads as notifications but it's pretty easy to turn them all off and once you generally customize it a bit the OS feels pretty good I'll leave a link to an article by tech PP where they go through in detail about how to disable ads so we're the stepchild of all review categories the point at which you skip ahead or stop watching completely don't do that I've got something new I'm gonna test the call quality from now on it's subscribe if you want me to make this a regular part of my reviews hi this is Sarah can you hear me el estudio what about the call clarity is I'm calling from the key 20 Pro to the redmi note right now this time so there you go hope this helped coming - audio quality we have a bottom firing speaker that won't win any prizes but it's perfectly adequate and you also have a headphone jack so really no concerns when it comes to audio the redmi note 8 comes with the snapdragon 665 processor this processor is not much better than the 660 it supports 4k 30 and is more efficient because it's made on 11 nanometer process it probably also helps facilitate the 4 cameras this thing has it's the same processor as a Mi A3 and gaming was not its forte anyway let's give it a shot.

The graphics just don't look great at the recommended settings in PUBG and the gameplay isn't too smooth even if HD comes through this phone I doubt we'll be able to handle it, to be honest but the battery depth only 8% till the end game with the screen recording on to ask for nine legends and we still have a little bit of lag and stutter this is definitely not a gaming phone which is not a surprise I'll get you where you're going but not very fast and definitely not smoothly about battery you have 4000 mAh in this phone paired with an 18 watt fast charger so you should have all the juice you need a quick charging test showed that from a completely discharged state it goes to 40% in 30 minutes I'm glad fast charging is becoming standard in budget devices too bad with huge batteries and power efficient processors the industry has taken huge leaps in making battery anxiety a thing of the last decade the redmi note 8 starts at 10k for 4GB / 64GB and goes up to 13k for 6GB / 128GB you get it in three different finishes out of which I like the space black the best I have greedy in fatigue now for your money you get an ultra wide range of choices in cameras and a decent processor albeit one that is not great for heavy gaming quad camera all-rounder is how it's being marketed and that pretty succinctly sums it up no false advertising here if you're looking at a budget phone with good performance around 10K there at B naught 8 is a pretty compelling option you won't get two better options without stretching your budget by at least three or four thousand I hope this post helped you make up your mind if it did comment below and share it with people who might find is useful as well I'll see you really soon right. 

Redmi Note 8 Review : best under 10K? Redmi Note 8 Review : best under 10K? Reviewed by Karri Prasad Kumar on 9:11 PM Rating: 5

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