Sony Ps5 Full Specs Revealed: All You Need to Know

Ps5-Full Specs Revealed: All You Need to Know about Sony's next-gen Playstation Ps5.

PS 5 Specs

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The playstation 5 is coming out very very soon who is excited for the big PS 5 because this will be such a big upgrade from the ps4 the biggest console leap in terms of graphics and power yes now, unfortunately, we won't be out in 2019 just in 2020 but Sony has revealed pretty much all the specs of the PS 5 so we now know all the major details aside from what games it will come with at launch and also how it will look like so the design but aside from those two things we now know every single thing in terms of the PS 5 and all these have been officially confirmed by Sony so yeah get a puck already and here's everything that Sony has revealed in terms of the PS 5 well what's even better than the PS 5 is our brand new store it goes I don't think that calms our store to buy some of the devices that we actually featured on the channel and no longer need so we have smartphones laptops camera gear audio equipments and more C I go to something that calms life-story to check it out and let me know in the comments what do you guys think of the new store we'll have some more stuff there in the upcoming things so yeah now let's talk about a PS 5.

Sony has recently had a conference with their investors and they revealed some more details about a ps5 so first of all we knew that a ps5 would actually come with an SSD by default or than a hard drive sony has already confirmed this a few weeks ago but we didn't know exactly how much faster it would be compared to let's say something like an ps4 pro so loading the new spider-man game to the PS 5 only 0.83 seconds that's crazy but what's even crazier is that the same game to the ps4 pro 8 seconds so there you go that's it that's insane that's a massive ten times increase in loading times or decrease over the ps4 pro so rave impressive so far and then next up sony also demoed the graphical performance of the PS 5 abates so in combination with the SSD we had the same game running so spider-man and they tried flying through the environment as fast as they could and the ps4 Pro froze after just a few seconds because they're gonna process the 3d scene that fast over to PS 5 was buttery smooth this pottery smooth up until the end and it seems like the frame rate was much much higher as well so so far so good really good however the next league is even bigger than this in the exact same presentation to investors sony has talked about the importance of the ps4 how it will remain the engine of engagement and profitability for the next three years and this is a very important finding it means that Sony will not discontinue the ps4 after the PS 5s launch but instead it will continue to sell it alongside the PS 5 and even really some Triple A games such as Last of Us 2 deaths trending and ghost of Tsushima so yeah those three seem to be the last replay games made exclusively for the ps4 and then also take a look at how Sony has said that a ps4 would be the engine of profitability for the next three years so this to me means that Sony will actually be any factoring and selling the PS 5 at a loss which is great news for consumer since you know it means that a PS 5 will be priced at a fairly low cost compared to the components that it will be packin and speak of these components and this very same presentation.

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Sony has revealed quite a few more details about a PS 5 so they were referring to this as the next gen rather than the PS 5 but I mean you know we all know that this is essentially two PS five and these are the features that they confirmed again so all new CPU and GPU this is the first and yes the ps5 will include an eight-core 700 meter in the rise and 3 processor with 16 threads and also a constant clock speed of at least 3 point 2 gigahertz on all the course so yeah this is really really impressive especially since you know the CPU has always been the main downside of the consoles of this generation even the Xbox one X and a ps4 Pro it seems like the PS 5 will finally be more powerful CPU is than even the average PC now regarding the GPU we know that this will be an AMD GPU based on the new Navy architecture of Navi whatever power we pronounce that but this one hasn't been released just yet so it has been announced but it's not official just yet from AMD but it would feature the PS 5 between 12 and 14 turn flops of GPU compute power now just to give you guys an idea this would be very similar to the Radeon rx Vega 64 which actually offers up to 13.7 teraflops of GPU compute power so yes that's that's looking like an insane upgrade over the 4.2 teraflops that a ps4 pro had so that's a 3.3 33 times increase in GPU compute power over to ps4 Pro and yes seven point seventy seven times the GPU compute power of the original ps4 and with this immense increase in power and a PS 5 will actually be able to deliver graphics and up to 8 K yes sony has confirmed that a PS 5 will support 8k resolutions which is really really incredible and overkill at a moment I mean even today gaming an 8k is almost impossible it's really really difficult to do you need something like two or three axes 20t is in sli to be able to do so which are extremely expensive and yes you'll also need an 8k monitor obviously which are even more expensive than that and you know aside from those 8k monitor there's not that many options to choose from at a moments when 8k TVs will be launching soon so Samsung has already revealed an 8k TV which you can actually buy already starting from 5000 pounds but yeah 8k TVs and this place will become more mainstream in the next few years so you know at least the PS 5 will be future proof in this regard and the reason why I'm saying that this the PS 5 will be the biggest leap in graphical performance from the previous generation in a console ever aside from the Xbox 2 that's also gonna be really similar to the PS 5 more about that later the reason I'm saying that is if you take a look at a ps4 for example when it launched back in 2013 4k monitors have just started to appear on the market and they were really expensive and you know a lot of people owned them pretty much the same thing as with aka today but interesting enough the ps4 did not support 4k resolution outputs only the ps4 Pro which launched three years later featured support for 4k displays.


So this shows just how much more powerful the PS 5 is compared to the power of the ps4 that it had and launched okay so 8k is cool it's great for future proofing but what about 4k well we haven't really had any news regarding 4k and what frame rates until until now so just last week Sony's Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that a PS 5 will actually support 4k games at 120 Hertz that's probably the best news yet even even better than than 8k because you'd like said now that people have 8k displays or a ke monitors but today quite a lot of people do have 4k TVs so 4k 120 that's really impressive this is actually insane when you realize that a PS word Pro cannot even do 4k 60 or even 4k 30 natively yes in a lot of cases it was just quad HD up scaled by checkerboarded rendering but a fee s5 is said to support 4k and 120 120 frames per second in 4k now sony hasn't said if this would be made to 4k at 120 or via checkerboarded rendering again or considering that the Xbox one X that has six teraflops of GPU compute power can actually do native 4k 30 in most games and 4k 60 and some games with dynamic resolution the 14 teraflop PS 5 should easily be able to do at least at least native 4k 60 and native work a 60 at maxed out settings is something that's even difficult to do today on a PC so you need the highest end graphics card such as an RT X 20 atti and you know 4k 60 on maxed out settings won't even work in every single game so yeah I'm really really excited for the PS 5 because of this now realistically I do think that Sony has some sort of hardware trip specifically designed for delivering these frame rates included obviously in the PS 5 this is similar to a checkerboard to rendering Hardware trip that I had in a ps4 pro so obviously that's still going to be included but this would be something separate that I think somebody would add just for delivering those frame rates and you believe that this might just be based on frame blending so this is similar what to our TVs do today with that fluid fluid motion technology. 

You know Sony TVs have or even Samsung and LG pretty much all the major manufacturers but what's probably even better is that Jim Ryan has also confirmed that game sales would actually be compatible between the ps4 and the PS 5 so yeah once you get a ps5 you'll just be able to transfer all of your data load the exact same say from a ps4 and play your games in a much higher resolution at a much higher frame rates so yeah pretty much the same thing as if you were buying a new graphics card for your PC.

Now Sony has also said that they will be taking PlayStation now to the next level which was a bit interesting you see PlayStation Now is Sony's game streaming service for the ps3 yes so if you have a ps4 you can play some classic ps3 games and even some ps2 games you can do that with Playstation now it works on PC as well so on Windows and you know all you need is just a 5 megabits per second connection or higher now Sony did say that I do plan on expanding PlayStation now even further so that he could play the most modern ps4 games at even high resolutions and 1080p so even 4k by streaming and the biggest surprise here was that Sony has actually made a partnership with Microsoft. 


Microsoft the maker of you know the Xbox Sony is an arch enemy yeah they made a partnership on developing their cloud infrastructure yes this was this was very surprising and unexpected you know making a deal with the enemy in order to well defeats an even bigger enemy and that bigger enemy is actually Google and if because Google has announced their own gaming console kind of so it's a cloud game streaming service called stadia and it's very very unique it's unique because you know it's scalable which none of the PS 5 or you know the Xbox 2 would be so if developers for example need more compute power and more storage they can just access it it's basically a server based console and yes this is huge versus a classic console that only offers a fixed amount of performance and storage and you know even now when it comes to Sony's own places you're now servers Sony is using a motherboard that actually contains the equivalent of 8 PS trees and they have multiple racks of these so long story short they're very very very limited in terms of power and while they can whereas Google is just on a completely different level and Microsoft is also on our level and compared to Sony so they recently announced their ex cloud platform which will let you stream more than 3,500 games on xbox PC as well as mobile and then another big thing that Sony has confirmed is supported full support for ps4 games so yes you'll be able to play any ps4 game that he owns under PS 5 and load any of the previous saved games like I mentioned before on your PS 5 which is really really awesome you know if you don't want to buy any PS 5 games you can just get a ps5 and play all of your old ps4 games just in higher-quality and then interesting enough Sony has also confirmed that the PS 5 would support ray-tracing which is huge so this is something that NVIDIA has implemented into their GPUs first with the RT X series in 2018 and now we have it on AMD Hardware as well we have indeed seen a demo of ray-tracing running on a Vega 56 before so Andy's working on maybe even enabling real-time ray tracing support on the Vega series of their GPUs in the near future now in case you don't know what ray-tracing means or is it's when every single ray of light coming from a light source bounces off of the environment and every bounce is actually calculated and displayed in the scene so you know pretty much as in real life so this is something that's extremely difficult to do from a computational standpoint especially when you enter an enclosed environment such as a room a small room yeah in that case it's it's basically a murder of your GPU and the PS 5 supporting real-time ray tracing is huge so I cannot wait to see this in action.

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And then there are two more things that sony has confirmed in terms of the PS 5 so the first one would be support for physical disks so even though a large part of the game sold today are now digital downloads discs are still good for the fact that you own all the game so you know you could sell them when you want to maybe just to do so and the chill downloads also take a ton of space which can't be avoided by using discs and then the last thing that sony has confirmed is a pretty big one as well and that is 3d audio so apparently the PS 5 would have a dedicated chip that would give you three hundred and sixty degree audio and mark Cerny the lead architect for the PS 5 stated that you would feel way more immersed in the game since the audio would be coming from above behind and from your side now the thing find really really weird about this that sony already sells the sony playstation platinum wireless headsets which actually own a own a pair of that and they do you have 7.1 surround sounds inside and they do offer 3d audio so the PlayStation 4 Pro already has 3d audio few specific headphones that honestly you know they do sound amazing they sound incredible and I'm not really sure how this could be any different on the PS 5 so yeah I'm really looking forward to trying this out and finally while Sony has confirmed that a PS 5 will support a psvr they also confirmed that a PS 5 will not launch with a brand new PS dr so they are working on a new PS v vr so Sony has a few patents on this but it won't be launching alongside a PS 5 just so that Sony doesn't confuse the consumer with too many products so I'm really excited and really looking forward to the PS 5 and speaking of the next generation of consoles the new Xbox is also being announced literally yesterday or you know a few days ago depending on where you're watching this video but yeah the new Xbox is now official and the specs are pretty much identical to the PS 5 so yeah a post that has a separate view on that coming soon so  like this one let me read comments what do you guys think about a PS 5.

Do you think this will be a significant generational leap like you know we all hope for or do you think it's just gonna be you know a ps4 Pro just with a case important that no one would really use because no one really has 80 TVs then we're gonna check out our stories off like that column slash store for some actual tech content you know device is not just merch I mean not marked we don't have any merch yet what are your actual devices and yeah let us know in the comments what are you guys thinking on that store.

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